Tuesday, 22 June 2010

LH Custom Pressings

Here's a listing of all the LH pressings that Pascal Perrault and I have turned up over the years. Any additions, Corrections etc would be most welcome. Like our Kay Bank site, I'll review the discs with label shots when I can.

I'll add a proper introduction to this Pressing Company when I get more info. In fact, other than LH may have been based in Houston, TX, I don't have much else to add.

Malcolm Chapman and Pascal Perrault.

Thanks to Andrew Brown, Derek Hamilton, Pasi Koskela, Barney Koumis, Neil Scott, Bill Smoker

(See May 2011 update for a little more info)

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  1. "LH" was the master code used by Houston Records, Inc. from 1964 onwards. It started in the 1000s and kept going until they stopped pressing vinyl in the 90s. It was only used by people who did not have their own master numbers. Most of the Robey and Meaux labels were pressed there but they used their own master numbers. There was also a "SH" series.